Madhya Pradesh Professional examination Test

MP-JEE is the qualification examination for entry into colleges in the state of Madhya Pradesh. This is the determining test for anyone who wants to pursue an engineering course in the state of Madhya Pradesh and is held in high esteem by colleges and other institutions of higher learning based in Madhya Pradesh. The candidates sitting the MP-JEE examination must have passed in science subjects and mathematics. Physics and chemistry are the main science subjects that will be considered for the candidacy of MP-JEE. The secondary education candidate must have done this examination in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Candidates who have diplomas must have pursued them in colleges and institutions that are recognized by the administration of this examination. Special recognition has been given to the final year diploma students in the branches of Madhya Pradesh board of technical education.  The maximum age limit for sitting this examination is 21 years, but this has been relaxed by three years for anyone who is a special needs student. This means that no one above the age of 24 is allowed to sit the examination, whether he is a special needs student or not.

All MP-JEE candidates must be Indian citizens and this has to be proven by appropriate certification. All the candidates sitting for this examination must have been educated in the state of Madhya Pradesh for at least three years and must be residents of the state. For all those applicants whose parents are pensioners or employees of the state, they are allowed to sit the exam, even if they are not residents of the state or have been educated in the state. Also, sons and daughters of the employees of the central government are allowed to sit the examination if they are based in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Anyone who has lived in Madhya Pradesh in a resettlement scheme that has been sanctioned by the central government or the state government is allowed to sit the examination as well.

The MP-JEE is divided into three parts, the first one being mathematics, the second being physics and the third being chemistry. None of these sections is more important than the other, as they all are needed for a passing grade and admissibility into the engineering courses in Madhya Pradesh. They all have multiple choice questions and all carry 300 marks. This is an examination held in May each year. The exams will be conducted in English and all the applicants for the courses in architecture will be required to sit for an aptitude test. The application forms will be submitted online upon the payment of the requisite application fee of Rs. 600. This fee has been relaxed for special needs applicants, who will be required to pay half the fee (Rs. 300). All applicants will have to pay an additional Rs. 50 for online service charges. The payment of the fees must be done online as well, through credit card. For those who do not have credit cards, cash payments will be required. The 2011 examination dates were set, with the date of online submission starting 8th March 2011 and ending on 4th April 2011. Anyone who did not submit application by 4th April was not considered and will have to try again next year. For those whose applications were accepted and were well filled and accompanied by the required payment, the date of test will be on 2nd May 2011 and the results will be communicated to those who passed on the first week of June 2011. From this point the candidates will be expected to communicate with the respective colleges.

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